Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dump her with swagg

If you are a lady, there is no reason as to why you should continue reading this because most likely you are going to get angered. And yet I do not want to upset you for no good reason. Similarly if you are a decent gentleman, I strongly feel that you too should not read this because most likely it will contaminate your admirable values. And yet I do not want to be held responsible for contaminating your values. For the kids, it will be simply abominable for you to read this. I do not even need to tell you that you should not be reading this. You simply ought to know.

Therefore, this information is exclusively meant for spoilt chaps that are above a certain age. I will not be specific concerning the age because the age at which someone becomes a man varies from one culture to another. So as long as you think you a man and spoilt enough to listen to some silly man-talk you can go on and read.

Having said that, I am convinced that I can now freely say whatever I want to say. If you are a lady or decent gentleman and you are still reading on up to this point, then I have no option but to tell you that if this annoys you or contaminates your values; Shauri Yaako. And if you are a kid and still reading, I can only say you deserve some serious strokes of a corporal cane. In other words, I am talking to you stupid kid “Stop reading now or I will kick the hell out of your butts!”
Okay let me leave that stupid kid alone and tell you what I want to share with you wamma the spoilt chaps of this world- just a few tricks on how to dump a woman. Please my brother listen carefully because by the time you are reading this I am sure that most likely you have dumped or been dumped by a daughter of a man at one point in life. And if you have not, most likely you hope to dump or be dumped by a woman in future.

So, here are some ideas on how you can dump her in style.

First and foremost if you are going to dump a woman, please ensure that you dump her before she dumps you.  Because if she dumps you before you do, you will be the looser and we shall all be like…shame upon you big boy!

But then even when she dumps you before you dump her do not just let it lying down and do nothing about it. There is something that you can do to make yourself the winner in this. For instance you can tell her that even before she thought of dumping you, you had already determined in your heart to dump her and so you are glad that she too decided to dump you.

The other way could be by trying to win her back and as soon as you win her back you do the needful and dump her. But note that if you do this you run the risk of being made more of a looser just in case you fail to win her back. And that is why there is every reason for you to dump her as soon as you win her back because once beaten twice shy. A person that has dumped you before will always have the potential to dump you again. So the earlier you dump her before she dumps you again the better.

And above all every time you dump a woman please do it in the most demeaning way possible. Make sure it makes it all like you are the most important human being on this planet and let it look like she is the most abominable thing that has ever happened to you.

But remember the more you ‘dump women in style’ the more likely it will become for you to ‘be dumped in style’ yet that is not meant to discourage you, silly chap from dumping them in style. Go ahead follow my silly advice.

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