Thursday, July 19, 2012

The trials of a young man who has just fallen in love

First and fore most I would like us to note that the title of this article was supposed to be “The trials of a young man who has just genuinely fallen in love for the first time in his life” but I had to edit it such that it would not appear to be a very long title. I would have wished this article to carry a title as elaborate as that but the rules of fine writing dictate that titles of written work should not be so elaborate. Therefore I was left with no option. I also do not like it when we have to follow such rules, sometimes without questioning but any way enough of the ranting, let us get to the gist of the matter.

It starts with abundance. It all started when I was getting various advances from all kinds of ladies on this planet. In Uganda we call that okubeeera ku katale loosely translated as being on market. I was surely on market but the most unfortunate thing is that I thought all this abundance would last forever and so I squandered my chances. I treated those girls; well to me it was not as bad. But according to the stories that they tell their friends, that I only get to know through unfounded rumors, I am told mbu  I treated them in the most terrible way a guy can ever treat a girl on this planet. Mbu I was insensitive to their feelings and just took them for granted. So that is how I lost it all.

Then the suffering begins. Yes, one morning I just woke up and realized that I was single and searching. It was painful to be confronted with that reality and I remember, I cried (as in seriously). I could not imagine I was back exactly where it had all started. And then I resolved that Ngenda Mumaaso (I am moving forward). No turning back. This was a brilliant resolution but it meant I would lose out on all the beauties that I had dilly dallied with in the past which was a painful thing for me because I still needed at least one of those babes. Man. But anyway I still managed to go forward. My face book status changed, people commented and I moved on. In other words I became officially single.

The suffering continues. At first it was this girl. I had a crush on her. I went over to tell her what’s up and she was like Zakaria you are joking!!! The girl, yali tandabawo. (She just ignored my bu moves.) These days it seems like she is hooked up but that just makes things worse for me because when I put in my request for love, I did not completely lose hope. But now that she is hooked I am forced to lose hope as in forever.

It now turns into agony. Though, I had not completely lost hope concerning that other girl that ignored my moves, I did not get discouraged from looking else where for greener pastures. Meanwhile, there was another girl who had always enchanted my soul but apparently she was already hooked up and I could not just have my way in. I was a secret admirer. Then all of a sudden, recently, I just leant that something happened and she is also single these days though not as available if that is what we are supposed to decipher when a girl says that she will not be getting into a relationship any time soon. But I was like wapi! I have to put in my CV for consideration. You never know! That culminated into sleepless nights and a very brilliant idea. Post it up on Facebook that you are a secret admirer of this girl and pray that she comments. She never commented. So I had to think of an alternative plan. I had to attack directly kama mbaya mbaya (come what may). I launched my attack on a Tuesday night and this is how it went.

Me: (Obviously stammering) I love … you Dorothy (not real name).

Dorothy: I love you too…

Me: (I am stuck. I do not what to say but she continues)

Dorothy: I love you as a brother in Christ and as a friend…

Me: (I am pissed. For heaven’s sake this girl should have known that if I had wanted to tell her that I love her as a sister in Christ, then I would not have called her aside for a private chat. I feel like punching the girl but then I remember that that would kill my chances completely.) I donno… but you know what I mean Dorothy. I love you as some one I would like to spend the rest of my life with.

Dorothy: Okay. 

Me: May be… May be you should…give me some ideas on how I can get you.

Dorothy: You have my number. We are friends on Facebook and what else…you have the wrong email address but I will give you the right one soon.

Me: (By now I am so confused, perplexed and very angry)

Dorothy: (Starts walking away)

Me: Please do not walk away before giving me a straight answer.

Dorothy: I will get back to you when I get a straight answer.

Later I call and we fix an appointment to talk more about my issues and this girl tells me she cannot love me beyond the fact that we are friends. And she gives those fake explanations that girls usually give when they turn down our offers of love.

And then she asks why I love her? Inside I begin rioting for if she is not interested in my love then why ask me such a question. Of what essence is it? But any way I give the answers.

And now the need for some help. As you can see I have been tormented for genuinely falling in love with this girl and though she said no, I want to keep believing but I am looking for a reason to believe and I just cannot find any. So that is where you help is needed. Please tell me that my case is not as bad and may be in future things can change. Please make me happy and tell me what I want hear.

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    its a beautiful peace of work.....u just cracked my ribs..weeeeweee :)