Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I cannot hold it any more
It is beyond my understanding
I am puzzled just about to be bamboozled,
Always in a mull because of the beauty I saw last night in my dream
She was an angel sent to me from God.

Her beauty is unexplainable,
Her body complexion indescribable
Her figure just as swift as the ostrich's neck
Her hair as smooth as fine granite and shines like fine gold

She is a wonder in the place
Butterflies linger about her searching for nothing else but...Nectar
Yes, nectar, her body is endowed with every kind of of nectarines,
These send many to throw food at her sight
She is such a beauty that God really put concentration on.

Her smile rivals with the sun's brightness at noon
Her walk competes with that of the fairs
Her nose framed only to capture calculated amount of oxygen
So you can guess the size, but don't get jealous man!!!!
Above all, she was created on Monday.
Yes Monday, come and ask me that creation account
I will encapsulate it for you.
How glad is it to have such an angel in my life
Therefore, give us a break: don't touch her with or without my consent or with my consent

Stay 100,000 miles away from her because you will melt away
I love the angel.

Michael Aboneka Jr.


  1. A man fantasizing. I cannot tell how madder we can be in this generation where men are busy fantasizing instead of going for the real thing. Zak

  2. well i dont kno this gal..then am so mistaken. so is she the one? any way nice piece