Sunday, June 7, 2015

An open whatsapp to my employment supervisee

In reality I am the supervisee but I have decided to take on my supervisor’s job and supervise myself. So I (the acting Supervisor) has sent myself (the Supervisee on the other hand and in reality) a serious Whatsapp message cautioning myself about the expected code of conduct at work because as things stand my supervisor is not happy with the time I am wasting on Social Media instead of working. Not that his point is too hard for me to perceive but as a young man, messages that come through social media channels tend to be more easily perceived than messages received by verbal instruction. 

Because this is supposed to be a formal caution from a boss, I have deliberately omitted most of the informal contractions that we use in our daily Whatsapp conversations. Without much ado let us get to the Whatsapp message.