Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to impress a Muko (your father in law)

Now unlike all the how-to-do courses you have done and been exposed to by able instructors like myself and many others, this course is unique in the sense that it’s not littered with a list if how-to-dos. On the contrary, it is simply based on a dummy conversation I had with my Muko a couple of days ago. (Muko is the Luganda equivalent of Father/ Brother/ Son in law but for this particular purpose it is used in reference to my father-in-law). So please follow through the conversation and pick your lessons. I cannot keep spoon feeding you. Okay? Yes I guess it’s okay

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mombasa's Malaika

Dhow cruises, pilau feasts, the tusks on Moi Avenue, and a Likoni Ferry ride are some of the things you will see or partake of when you visit Mombasa for three days. It is the place where peculiar cultures meet strange traditions; they cuddle before they go on to commune and give birth to an infusion of customs. Yes, Mombasa's traditions infuse African, European and Arab culture without making any feel inferior. The Swahili tradition which pre-dominates Mombasa is partly a by- product of that infusion.

While basking in the rich cultural experience, I met an enormous beast; Fort Jesus which like I had taken a rest in the wealth of cultural legacy. I found her taking a serene chill in the Mombasa sun in utter defiance of the ruthless scotches emanating from above. For a structure that has endured all forms of mischief, treachery and some un-tamable forms of revolt coupled with hundreds of years in existence, it comes off as no surprise that it bullies on-lookers with the innate swagger that it carries.