Friday, September 26, 2014

Why my Christian friends should stop forcing me to eat pork

Many friends have tried convincing me to eat pork but to no avail. Unfortunately every time I am about to heed to their pleas and give the damn thing a taste, I get terribly scared and I back off. I just fear what will happen the day I get a taste of that delicacy. Off course my concerned brothers and sisters in Christ have attributed my fears to my Islam background and rebuked me for not getting “saved completely”.

Monday, September 22, 2014

When I grow old, I will say I was there at Uganda's Bayimba Festival of the Arts, 2014

Was it captivating? No, immense. I was there. Oh yes, I was there to behold the beauty of Uganda’s artistry. For the three stages that I had to attend to at the Uganda National Cultural Centre or the National Theatre as most Ugandan know it, a big chunk of my time was spent watching the performances in the Auditorium.  It was the Bayimba Festival of the Arts, 2014, an annual platform that is organized every September to give Ugandans an opportunity to showcase their artistry. This year’s was the seventh edition.

Friday, September 5, 2014

An open letter to that girl who promised “to tell me something”

Dear Girl who promised to tell me something,

I have no time to waste. So I will jump straight into the fray and take the bull by its horns. First, this letter is not just directed to you but to every girl out there that thinks they can make the first move on a guy and get away with it.  So, please share this with that assemblage of busy bodies you call friends and tell them that we can’t keep up with the speed at which they are running after our souls. Call us slow brothers if you want but we need some breathing space. Honestly, we need it.