Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Born Again brothers should either style up or force the sisters into hell

Many of you must have heard some of our Christian sisters complaining mbu
Christian brothers are sluggish when it comes to matters of expressing
feelings of love. And there is a general feeling among the few sisters that
shared with me their experiences with the Christian brothers that those
allegations against our brothers are nothing but the truth and only the

One of those sisters in our church is the 30-year old Jane who always comes
to me grumbling about our brother Samuel. Samuel has done everything to win
Jane’s heart apart from confessing to her that he has feelings for her. Now
the sister is confused, she does not know whether to go on and take the
responsibility of confessing to him or leave everything to destiny such that
she can wait for that day when our brother will style up and have the guts
to confess to her, that is if he ever gets the guts to confess to her
anyway. Jane also whispered to me that the closest the fellow has come to
confessing to her was a few days ago when the guy told her that he loves her

On the other hand my brother Samuel is saved, BORN AGAIN, spirit filled,
demon chasing and fire spitting. The guy is so pious that one could easily
take him to be a distant relative of God. Unfortunately he leaves on the
planet where “evil things” like “getting attracted to a woman” exist. The
other day he was telling me how the devil and his demons of lust had started
a serious attack on him by invading him with some strong attractions to a
sister in church. The guy said that the attractions are so strong that every
time he sees the sister whom I understand to be Jane, his heart begins
pumping fast and that he just stops understanding himself. Now he has
declared a week of prayer and fasting to overcome those demons of lust.
Meanwhile he will also use that opportunity to strongly call upon the
almighty to do something about his marital status. I hear mbu he is single
and waiting for the lord to help him search for his Mrs. Right. That is how
far some of us can bother our father in heaven. Our father spent his
precious time creating these beautiful sisters that are all over the place
and now some lazy brothers want him to choose for them which of the sisters
amongst them they should marry.

I swear when I heard all this tomfoolery about our sluggish brothers and our
sisters who are almost murdered with injured feelings I not only felt sorry
for our sisters but also wished that some of these sisters had fallen for
BORN AGAIN brothers like us who are not only fast but also always go
straight to the point when dealing with these daughters of Eve in matters of
love. Honestly I will meet a woman for the first time and if I have fallen
for her, will walk right to where she is and tell her “I love you”. It does
not matter whether she says “yes” or “no”. All that matters to me is that I
have told her what my heart feels. After all I am not the first or the last
man to tell her these things and neither am I the first or the last to whose
heart felt confession she will say “no”. That is why, for the few years I
have lived on this earth, apart from my chana, all the other women I tried
to confess to say “no” but that is not anything that has ever bothered my
soul. In fact sometimes I take their "no" to be an
advantage to my chana. That is because honestly one of the few reasons why I am
faithful to that chana of mine is because those various ladies said “no” to
my love proposals other wise I would be sharing my precious love that I
bequeath to her with a few other women. (Hope she does not read this……. but
anyway it is a fact).

By Zakaria Tiberindwa

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I cannot hold it any more
It is beyond my understanding
I am puzzled just about to be bamboozled,
Always in a mull because of the beauty I saw last night in my dream
She was an angel sent to me from God.

Her beauty is unexplainable,
Her body complexion indescribable
Her figure just as swift as the ostrich's neck
Her hair as smooth as fine granite and shines like fine gold

She is a wonder in the place
Butterflies linger about her searching for nothing else but...Nectar
Yes, nectar, her body is endowed with every kind of of nectarines,
These send many to throw food at her sight
She is such a beauty that God really put concentration on.

Her smile rivals with the sun's brightness at noon
Her walk competes with that of the fairs
Her nose framed only to capture calculated amount of oxygen
So you can guess the size, but don't get jealous man!!!!
Above all, she was created on Monday.
Yes Monday, come and ask me that creation account
I will encapsulate it for you.
How glad is it to have such an angel in my life
Therefore, give us a break: don't touch her with or without my consent or with my consent

Stay 100,000 miles away from her because you will melt away
I love the angel.

Michael Aboneka Jr.