Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The 3 things Museveni should do with all the money he owns in Uganda

The Wireless Connection came across a letter addressed to the president concerning the money he owns in Uganda written by our own Musumba Zak of Naluvule Wakiso and we have decided to reproduce it here. Enjoy your read.

Dear Museveni,

In the good old book, it is said that Money answereth all things. There is also a Luganda proverb with an almost identical meaning in its translation which says essente wekuba egonza wo.

So, when last week, you our dear president took the occasion to remind us that you own all the money in Uganda, I took the remarks seriously. My only concern is whether Sejusa, Mbabazi, Besigye and all those who have messed with you our president in one way or the other are aware of this fact.

On that note therefore I have decided to copy them in this letter so that they can know that you are not their size.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Its official, this year I am getting married and here is the reason why

It’s official. In 2015, I am getting married. I proposed to my Mukiga Girl during the festive season and she said yes. So if you are my friend, prepare your Kanzus nebigenderako for the introduction which we have scheduled for September 2015.

I am tired of small boys thinking I am their size just because I am not married. This year, I want to show them I’m not a small boy like them and that I’m capable of vibing somebody’s daughter to the point of marrying them.