Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kyoka that babe

That babe! I wonder who the hell she thinks she is? I met her the other day. I then collected all the humor that I could from within my spirit just to pick her up from her gloomy world only for her to stare back at me like I was a humorless piece of crap. Kyoka that babe!

That babe. I saw her ruthlessly wriggling her waist on the dance flow. And so I thought it was my right to go and squeeze the hell out of that waist only for my cheek to be massaged with a hot slap.

I then sought to know why she had done that and she reminded me that as a married woman the last thing she could tolerate on this planet or on the dance flow for that matter was a bad touch. I then wondered what amounts to a bad touch? Could the hot massage on my chic in the name of a slap also amount to a bad touch or should we say it amounted to a worse touch? I believe it amounted to a worse touch because the perfect way to avenge for my bad touch was definitely by giving me a worse touch. Kyoka that Babe!

That babe.  I called her a “chick” since I thought referring to a babe, as a “chick” was cool only for her to remind me that she is not the young of a hen but a lady

I was like “Shiiya what does that babe think is so special about her?” Does she think she is more special than the Very Important Babes (VIBs) of this country…sijuyi the female ministers, female directors, female Engineers and the like whom I can comfortably refer to as “chicks”? Or she thinks she is more special than the babe that gave birth to me… also a “chick” in her own right? Kyoka that babe!

I am even scared that if she reads this she may come for my nut and knock some sense into my head just to remind me that she is as well not a babe but a LADY. And I know that babe can do it.

That babe! I could not wait to share the experience I had with that babe with my close friend only to be assured that that babe, is the only babe in this world that clearly knows what she wants.

It is then that I realized how much of a wizard that babe was. Other wise nothing other than sheer wizardry could make a friend of mine like Kyazze to have such an excellent opinion of that Babe. Kyoka that Babe.

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