Monday, January 28, 2013

50 , 30 or 27 years? Someone is fooling us about Museveni’s time in power

Guys, His Excellence Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been around for fifty years. Just in case you were complaining that the man has been around for too long- 27 which when rounded off to the nearest tens makes it 30 years, it is time to wake up. According to Museveni, in response to bwana Tinkasimire who was complaining about his alleged “over-stay” in power, 30 are the years he has spent in town. He spent some twenty years in the village fighting to come to town which in total makes it fifty years.

Now I know many of you thought over that statement and it just did not seem to make any sense in your minds. The fact that the NRM day celebrations were moved from 27th to 30th January for whatever reason means you will even think about this more. But that is why I am here struggling to write this. I want to open your eyes to the real truth behind the statement on which I have mediated for close to a month now.  

We shall start with an exposition on the statement concerning the allegation of spending “20 years in the bush and thirty years here in town.”  Now it is pertinent that we understand that asking Mzee to leave power is literally sending him out of town back to the bush and which in my little understanding would mean going back to the village because the bushes of this world only exist in villages. So what Museveni was trying to say is that tada mukyaalo and which resolution I support. No one wants to come from the village and go back there. If you think I am lying ask Judith Babirye why she sang that song Omukisa gwa Mukama and why she particularly includes those lyrics concerning her determination to stay in the city mbu “ekibuga ssikyifuluma nedda (I will not get out of town no matter what)”. And it is not only Judith Babirye but there is also another guy called Cobby Bly who sings and says “Sidda Mukyalo, wadde Kampala nge egganye” I will not go back to the village even if things fail to work out here in Kampala. Yet, how can I speak of all these people and forget my man Red Banton in his famous Nemeddeko track in which he vows not to leave the city. I can go on and on even speaking of Ugandans who in their private conversations intimated to me their determination to stay in the city and never to return to the village from whence they came. So, who does Hon. Tinkasimire think he is to push a “whole” president back to the village?

May be I need to give more explanations on this matter. As far as I know Mzee has no family home in town except State House in Entebbe and he can only keep his stay in State House by keeping in power. Therefore, anyone who presents suggestions of him descending down the throne of presidency is technically sending him back to that village called Rwakitura to go and graze his cows in the bushes that side. And How I wish all Ugandans would understand this simple fact that the man is not about to just accept to go back to Rwakitura when he has been in town for thirty years.

The other aspect that I may need us to know about that statement is that there is someone fooling us. And the question is who is fooling us? One person tells us Mzee has been here for thirty years, the real statistics seem to suggest 27 years and when we hear from the horse’s mouth, it is something like “It is not 30 years, it is 50 years that I have been active. You are miscalculating.” So whose word should we take? I would rather we take Mzee’s word. I hope we all know that our Mzee is omniscient. He knows all things, even those things that we know not. Perhaps that is why he is the only man that God has blessed with a vision for this country. We had all been fooled to think that he has been around for thirty years kumbe the man has been around for fifty years. This, to put it, a little bluntly means that we are all fools and Mzee is the only wise man in this nation. Yes we are all fools. How could we have failed to figure out that Mzee has been around for more than thirty years if we are not fools? We have all been fooled by people like Tinkasimire and our eyes are blind to the truth. So, let us all wake up and know that this country deserves nothing better than Mzee, the fountain of wisdom, the discoverer of Oil, the Conqueror of the Bush Empire for we are all but fools. 

The next article will be an analysis on why the Ugandan Army should disband ouir parliament