Monday, December 22, 2014

Why every guy should consider marrying a Girl from Lira

A couple of months ago, I traveled to Lira to attend a friend’s graduation party. I was fortunate to be in the company of another lady friend with whom we shared an endless streak of stories and confessions on the bus. For purposes of this article we shall call her mercy (real name withheld on request). It was a time to remember, trust me. Mercy and I have since resolved to do more of these kinds of trips together. In fact soon we shall be doing an ‘Around Uganda in 30 days’ kind of journey just for the fun of it. So if you know of any places you can recommend in this country, please do the needful. We shall be more than glad to try them out. 

The journey was supposed to be for more than 6 hours but in 30 minutes we were in Lira. Anyway, that is how it felt. At about 1pm we were there checking in at the Hotel. I will not bore you with the inconsequential details of what happened at the Hotel before the party started later in the evening.

Now, some of you are going to question and say but Musumba Zak why don’t you tell us everything?  Why are you hiding facts?

To be honest with you I am not hiding any facts. Of course the things that happened could bring an interesting angle to the story but I am the story teller and therefore I chose what to include and what not to include in the story. In other words, the day you travel upcountry with a lady, check in at a certain Hotel and it is your turn to tell the story, you can give us the details of whatever will have happened at the Hotel.

Back to the gist of the matter, at the party that evening everything was wonderful, we feasted on Chicken, Kalo, Malakwang and all those nice delicacies from the North.  Somebody gave the new graduate a gift of a goat and I thought that was wonderful. I almost asked her to sow the goat in the Musumba (pastor) you know.

But the crowning of it all was the gift of the song specially composed for the graduand. Its chorus “Congratulations my daughter upon your success, may God bless you” accompanied with those enthusing strings of the guitar could not leave me seated and I was dancing to the song as soon as it started playing.

The new graduate informed us later that the song would be taken to all the Radio Stations in Lira and it would be a hit in Lira town in a month a two. We were also reliably informed that when you get married to a girl from Lira this is the kind of gift you will get, you name being sang on every Radio station in Lira after the introduction ceremony. That’s why I recommend that every guy should consider marrying these girls from Lira to reap some of these benefits. Personally, I would have loved to but for those that read my articles often; you know that my hands are tired. I am already committed to some Mukiga girl. Unfortunately

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