Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why I despise girls who shun poetry recitals

My lady friends, I am sorry if this offends you but it is the truth. And I thought the earlier I speak about it the better for the friendship we share. You all know friendship is about openness. I am trying to be open about my convictions here so that we can share a more fulfilling relationship henceforth. I hope you all know that relationships are about taking the time to know one another’s needs, and going on to satisfy those particular needs.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kenyans should donate the pork to Ugandans, not waste it on futile political campaigns

May 2013 ended on a very terrible note for me. The Kenyan Members of Parliament, a.k.a MPigs, sorry MPs, voted to increase their salaries. This means that all the pigs that those advocates used in the demonstration to dissuade the politicians from doing the obvious, increase their salaries: ­­­was a regrettable waste.

I hear mbu there will be another protest of a similar nature (read occupy parliament reloaded) on 11th June 2013. I hope there will be no pork involved this time around.