Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Every graduate should start a chicken farm instead of looking for a job

It is a year after I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and just for the record, I don’t have a job, I don’t have a car, I don’t have a house and guess what? Oh yes, you guessed right, I don’t have a girl friend. Do I have an excuse? Of Course, I do. For the past one year I have been hustling with this Diploma in Legal Practice here at Law Development Centre and I believe that is a good enough excuse.

But we all know I’m just encouraging myself. And some dim-witted nincompoop is about to suggest that I should go sit in some hapless law firm and start slaving for a three hundred thousand shilling salary. I can’t. I swear! I would rather go back to Kikara, my home village and start looking after my grandfather’s cows or at least use that time to look after my small chicken farm here at home.
In fact, thank God, that at least within one year of my graduation, I’ve managed to start my own chicken farm and by the way I intend to be the biggest supplier of Kuroiler Chicken and eggs in this country in the next couple of years. So, take note.

Therefore apart from reading articles that I write, some of you will have to buy my eggs. Yes, you will have to. Honestly, if you guys don’t buy my eggs, then who do you expect to buy my eggs? Besides, if you guys insist on not buying my eggs, then you will be throwing me right back into the jaws of entrapment that most young people find themselves in today- that cancer or belief that the only way a Ugandan graduate can be productive is by sitting in an air-conditioned office, in front of an internet-connected desktop; facebook away 70% of the time for work and get a meagre salary at the end of the month.

That cancer is something we should find a cure to and here is the cure for you my dear graduate. Build a Chicken house. Yes, don’t just sit there, do something. I know your dream is to have a three bed roomed house. But I can assure you that the job in the air- conditioned office which you think will be the ultimate bridge to your dream house is not coming to you tomorrow, not even next week or next month and definitely not next year. It’s going to take a decade or so before you get that job. So, lose hope. In other words, you should build a small chicken house so that even if you died now, at least there will be something inheritable from your estate, a chicken house you know.

Life is too short for you to spend it wasting away the sole of your one or two pairs of shoes searching for that dream job when there are chicken droppings to collect and sell or even use in a garden you have tended as manure and feed our nation. But that is if your perspective to life changes. Anyway, to cut the long story short, now that you are a graduate, instead of thinking of where you are going to find that dream job, just think of any productive work that you can 


  1. The sooner people realize that success is not defined by your degree or when you get that Job at the PM's office - Its by finding what you love to do and working at it like crazy. Wama let me know when the eggs are ready i collect some

  2. Onyait Odeke, I will let you know nga they are ready. Thanks for dropping by to read