Monday, October 6, 2014

Stuck in an intricate web of Bakiga girls

Recently I fell in love with a Mukiga Girl (Hereinafter referred to as Mukiga Girl 1). After falling in love with Mukiga Girl 1, another Mukiga girl fell in love with me (Hereinafter referred to as Mukiga Girl 2).

Perhaps Mukiga Girl 2 had always had a crush on me but it’s just a couple of months ago or so that I learnt of her predicament. I call it a predicament because the worst thing that can happen to a daughter of Eve is for her to have a crush on a son of Adam as cantankerous as Musumba Zak. Honestly I feel sorry for that girl.

Interestingly, even my new editor is a Mukiga Lady or so I suppose. (I will not use the word “girl” in reference to her because she is the editor and she may throw out my article just on that ground alone.) Hi Editor. What’s up? And now that I speak of my new editor, it reminds me of the fact that even my old editor was a Mukiga as well.

So you see. My life revolves around Bakiga girls these days. If I am not receiving a call from my Mukiga editor or Mukiga girl 2, I am busy calling Mukiga girl 1.  Or if I am not writing an article for my Mukiga Editor, I am somewhere hobnobbing with my Mukiga girl 1, whispering sweet nothings into her ears.

Therefore, forget the stereotypes of sijuyi Bakiga girls are aggressive and antagonistic, not the ones whom I know. Even for that Mukiga girl 2 who had a crush on me, I did not ignore her interesting confessions because she would be a terrible choice for me. In fact if I still had some space for love in my heart, I would not hesitate to heed to her requests. But unfortunately, I had already committed to Mukiga girl 1. 

You know as a lawyer who is concerned about justice I have to dispense justice even in matters of love. Under the law, specifically the subject of equity, it is said that where there are two equal equities, the first in time prevails. In a lay man’s language and in a case such as the one that I have to deal with, it means that since I fell in love with Mukiga girl 1 before Mukiga Girl 2 purported to be in love with me, I have to prioritise the interests of Mukiga 1 over and above those of Mukiga Girl 2 because the love-equity of Mukiga Giril 1 was the first in time and must therefore prevail.

But another lawyer is about to protest and argue that justice should be dispensed without undue regard to technicalities. In other words that crook is suggesting that I should consider both girls such that the one who serves me with tastier delicacies of affection, the same will have me for a lifetime commitment. Mbu after all I am not married to Mukiga Girl 1, and that I am just excited about being in love with Mukiga Girl 1. Mbu I am not even sure whether I will marry her and that I should therefore not waste my chances or else I will regret in future.

However I may need to remind everyone issues of equity whether in love or law can never be mere technicalities. Besides love believes in all things and therefore I chose to believe in Mukiga Girl 1 in spite of what all the haters are saying about our future together.

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