Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lessons from NTV’s Be My Date

I am not the kind that you will find watching NTV’s Be My Date because to me it is nothing more than the English version of Bukedde’s Abanonya. But for the last couple of weeks I have had to endure through the harassment that this proggie has subjected my eyes to because well, the kids at home think Be My Date is the most brilliant invention that NTV has ever come up with. So, to avoid pulling ropes with those little boys and girls, I had to assume that they were right and watched the proggie with them. At the end of it all there were lessons to learn which I thought I should share in this forum.

The lights will always be green. Yes they will be until you become part of NTV’s Be My Date and get a total black out. Now if you have never watched the program, the first sentence of this paragraph cannot make any sense to you. In simpler terms, you will always think you are doing well until you try approaching some of these girls and they just keep rejecting your manifesto. Politically speaking, it is not the kind of thing you would like to happen when 2016 is drawing nigh and the elections are just around the corner. Or else you will be like the opposition which I am very sure will still be fighting for the so called electoral reforms when Museveni celebrates yet another victory in 2016. It is that bad. Yes, more so when the people that you are competing against are the ones that control the rules of the game. To put it another way, that time when you are single and desperate and all the seemingly available girls are turning their lights red when you beckon. Again, it can be that bad. Yes, if you still perceive the point I am trying to make as little joke I am throwing at you.

But you can change the rules of the game. Never give a woman the power of control over the green and red light. Or at least do not give any due regard to what she does with the lights. As a matter of fact, she will always show you the red light. But do not be afraid to take the risk and cross the road to where she is like you have not seen the red light. You can then pretend to be colour blind thereafter. Again, politically speaking, do not be like the opposition wasting time, moving around mbu campaigning for electoral reforms. Just go to the bush like they did and bring us the real change so that we can get relieved of the so called fundamental change that they brought. If you can’t go to the bush, at least resume the famous walk- to- work. Show that you are a man worth your salt and stop just sitting there, coiling your tail between your legs like a timid cat simply because some daughter of a man showed you a red light.

Though, if everything fails, go back and revisit the chemistry classes you had in O’level. They just may be the missing substance in your approach; the miracle that you have been waiting for. Yes, we can talk about the lights and all but nothing ever works miracles like that chemistry. You may not know but sometimes it’s all like a chemical reaction, where you need to properly balance the equation lest you mess up the proportion and get the wrong results.  It’s that simple. 

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