Thursday, May 15, 2014

Slow brothers can find true love: they just don't know how

True love is a myth. True love is simply a dream and does not exist in reality. True love is this. True love is that. And there goes another definition of true-love and the gibberish and the claptrap goes on and on, perpetuated by ignorant folk who know nothing about true love. Now forget about all that drivel and pay attention, just this one time.  This is what True Love is.

True love is determining in your heart and confessing with your mouth that you are in love with somebody’s daughter. Now, some slow brother is going to read that sentence and blather, “but true love is better expressed in sincere acts of love than in the embellishments of pointless confessions of love.” Hey you dreamer, you can be as nice as you want to a woman of God but as long as you never come to that point of believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that she will be your lady (read lord and saviour), then well your “sins of love” may never be forgiven and in due time and season you will definitely end up in hell.

Okay let us look at it this way, even God makes a confession of love when he says that he loved the world so much that he sent his only begotten son to die for our sins. In other words that guy- God by throwing those lines, he is trying to vibe this Chick called the church. Now let’s just imagine that God had sent Christ to die for our sins but told us nothing about Christ’s death being an act of his love, how would we appreciate the sacrifice? However because he told us that all this stuff of some crazy Jews nailing God’s son on the cross was an act of love, we have a reason to believe. But even then, our love for God, has to start with a confession that Christ is lord and saviour. In other words we have to tell that guy that we are willing to go all the way.

So what’s the point we are making? That the slow brothers who hide under the guise of “true love” should wake up and stop being like Paul’s brothers the Jews. They have zeal for this thing called “true love” but not according to knowledge. For having ignored the joy that comes from telling a woman how much you love them have gone on to establish their own kind of deceptive joy which is by “the works of the law,” all in the name of true love expressed in actions but never in words. Slow brothers, get saved, it’s time we believed in our hearts and confessed with our mouths that those ladies we have been eyeing for all these years are the girls of our fancy.  Honestly you guys, some sisters are tired of waiting. Yes, it’s been said that true love waits but let’s apply that apply that principle in its proper context.

Perhaps I should remind you slow brother, that in these things of love, more so if the love involves a woman of God, then faith without words is dead or should we say love without words is dead even if it is accompanied with the greatest of actions. I know some of you fear to pay the price. So you keep holding back saying “but what if she says ‘no’, won’t I just collapse and die? How can they hear mbu a man of God has collapsed because some girl said ‘no’?” You wonder. But you are not going to die my brother. Besides to love is to be vulnerable. To love is to risk. To love is to die. That is why Christ had to die for me and you before God would have the audacity to vibe the church with those lines of sijuyi for God so loved the world...

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