Monday, June 23, 2014

Why guys should stop watching world cup and start reading seriously

I have always thought I am intelligent. But recently, I actually confirmed.  I am. Well, some beautiful girl alleged that I am and who am I to think otherwise? That girl believes I am one of the most intelligent guys she has met in her life. Can you imagine!  But you too can be intelligent if only you wanted to.

In other words, stop watching the world cup and become creative. Now, many of us, the young men just like the sugar daddies with whom we compete for these young girls believe that the only way to impress these girls is to drive cool rides and have a lot of dime to throw around. But allow me demystify that fallacy. Let me introduce you to the most excellent way and teach you how to buy without money.

Sincerely, this habit of using our Samsung galaxies to text or whats up the girls we fancy regurgitated lines, pirated from clumsy websites or the disoriented telecom companies to which we subscribe just because we have airtime and cool gadgets, is a habit to be condemned in the strongest terms. Honestly, we can become more creative and original in our texts which will in effect increase our chances with the girls. But that can only happen if we stop staying up late to watch Iran v Nigeria and do the needful: start reading books.

Yes, start reading and become omniscient. Have you ever wondered why God is all knowing? It is because God’s thoughts are not our thoughts; his ways are not our ways. They are a mystery.  That’s what happens when you read, your perception becomes supernatural, you get a sharp memory and soon your ways start to fascinate those that don’t read as much.  You can predict the future with divine precision and judge matters with scrupulous fairness.

Okay I am not saying that when you read, you become a small god of sorts. But, personally, from the time that girl started expressing her fascinations with my intelligence; I have felt like this reading stuff has made me a small god you know, worthy to be worshiped by those that cannot even impress a fly with their ignorance.

When I speak nice English, the girl tells me l speak nice English because I read books. When I remember so many experiences we have shared over the past 6 months we have interacted, many of which she can barely remember, and accuse her of not paying attention to the little things that matter in friendships, she smuggles in a defence and rebuts.“It’s because you read books. People who read books have good memories and can easily connect the dots.”

Besides she likes movies and even though I don’t watch movies, at least when she starts talking movies I can contribute to a conversation about James Bond and Selena, the movie that brought Jenipher Lopez to the fore in her career as an actress. Apparently, that is also because I read books.

Very soon, I will not be single because of that girl who likes me because I read books and who wants to read books because I read books. Conversely, some of us will be whining about our inability to connect with these young girls and blaming the sugar daddies for our woes. But we all know the cause of our predicament. We waste our time betting on the Ghanaian witch that almost kept Ronaldo out of the 2014 world cup with the spells he allegedly cast on the Portuguese national team captain instead of reading books. 

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