Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zakaria is searching and he wants a slender sugar mummy

My name is Zakaria  a.k.a Zaake, Zakayo or any other name that you may baptize me with in an attempt to twist my not so beautiful name. Just for the record I am not in any way related to or even a descendant of the legendary Zakaria Kisingiri of the 1900 agreement fame and neither am I related to the famous Zakayo of the Zoo. I am just Zakaria a simple man with a simple profile: single, a hunk and searching for a sexy and gorgeous Sugar Mummy.

I am well aware that some of you when I talk of a sugar mummy, you envision but a huge piece of a wrinkled woman meanly cocooning in a relatively inadequate Premio and peeping with lustful eyes at young and endowed campus boys through a tinted window. Now that is not the kind of sugar mummy I am searching for. Era if you are that kind of sugar mummy and you are reading this with hope there is no reason why you should continue reading this. The last thing I can ever stand is to date a babe who is not portable. Not even when she is a sugar mummy. To be honest I need something portable.

The Sugar Mummy of my dreams should be that small, slender and sexy babe with boobs as youthful as those of a teenager; standing straight on her chest like two mangoes and pointing at me like they are about to shoot me down. Obviously, some Sugar Mummies will complain since most of their boobs are no longer anything to write home about. But then whether they complain or not, I do not give a shit about what the hell their complaints are. They should remember that we are not so many hunks in this country and so this is probably the best offer they can ever get from a hunk.

Besides, there are so many boob fixers in and about Kampala and any Sugar Mummy worth her salt should find no problem employing the services of some of these self styled boob fixers. They can do just anything with boobs ranging right from enlarging them to sizes of udders of Dairy cows to reducing those that are the size of udders to the sizes that I cherish. And please do not ask me how, just go to those guys and have those large boobs of yours fixed before you can ever dream of having hunks like me in your bosom.

Therefore, just in case you are a sugar mummy and have the kind of boobs that I cherish, whether natural of fixed just contact me through my email. But then just a word of caution, just in case I find out that you have viruses like some of your colleagues that are looking for young men to share their viruses with, I will not hesitate to slaughter you and send you to hell with your viruses.

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