Sunday, December 18, 2011

Idle and Disorderly

For a silly young man like I, there is nothing new under the sun. Nothing new: absolutely, apart from the beauties that I keep ogling at every other day when I pass my time sitting here in front of my Muzigo.
In fact sometimes I am tempted to think that this country is cursed in all other aspects apart from that aspect of being endowed with amazingly pretty daughters of Eve.

They are so many in this country and they keep swaying their hips within the vicinity of my eyes as if they are not aware that I am largely an idle son of a human being. 

Now that they have failed to recognize that fact, I have also decided to ogle at them until they get some sense in their nuts to know that I am also a human being of idle flesh and hot blood running through my veins.

Look at that one with her boobs, Oh my God! They look like two oranges tucked under her blouse. I am going to whistle to her and summon her for a serious quiz. I should ask her why her father was such a serious joker to have given birth to a lady with such gorgeous boobs.

Ehh, Eehh! Ate see another Madam that is swinging her gyrating bums, like that is all she has to do in this world. I have to beckon her here such that I can find out whether the best thing she can do with her bums is swing them like there is no tomorrow for them.

But then I am supposed to be working at this time not feeding my eyes on the nutritious menu of God’s beautiful creation.

Sometimes I feel like this country is the best that one can ever leave in. Honestly in another country, trust me; I would be in prison by now for being idle and disorderly. But then I am not sure whether that offence exists in the penal statutes of some of those countries.

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