Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dear Kabale waiter who stole my modem

Yes, how are you sir? You stole my Modem. You thought I had forgotten. But I have not. I still remember that morning a couple of years ago when you committed this hideous crime and somehow managed to get away with it.  

However this time I want to warn you ahead of time and remind you that should you dare touch any of my property without my permission, I will castrate you. I am not joking.

Here is the reason why. For the 5 days, I will be in Kabale, I will be rubbing shoulders with Very Important People (VIPs) who are participating in the Women in Public Service- Uganda project launch and I will need a lot of internet to keep my friends posted on my interactions with these VIPs. I have to post pictures and updates on Facebook and Twitter and also live stream the event. So the last thing I can stand is life without an internet connection.

The other time you got away with stealing my modem because I had come to Kabale as they would say in Uglish 'to eat life'. This time I will be in Kabale as you're already to attend to very important business. So behave, please behave.

Btw, did you know that you are the only thing I hate in Kabale and amongst the Bakiga, yes you the dishonest waiter. You’re the only bitter memory I have about Kabale. But please tell me how you are able to be so unkind when living amongst people who are so kind. The Bakiga are the kindest people I have known, yet you little bastard were very unkind to me and a crook at that. Okikolotya? Tell me waiter, how do you manage to do that? 

Yours in angry mode
Musumba Zak

However, you can read about the beautiful things in Kabale here 

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