Thursday, May 30, 2013

What we want is a coup, not this hopeless bickering we are hearing from some bored generals

When we speak about a coup, some of you get so apprehended to the point that you can even afford to hide under your chairs at the mention of that 4 lettered word. But hey, look here, come forth from your hiding place under that chair and let us talk about this. As Ugandans, it would simply be unrealistic if we pretended that coups are an alien topic to our existence. Just a reminder, for the 50 years that we have existed as an independent nation transitions of power have predominantly, if not only been by Coup D’états.

So, for us to pretend that it is an abomination for a citizen of this blessed curse of a nation to speak about a coup is to ignore our own history. But even then, we cannot speak of disgruntled Generals and not speak about a Coup D’état. Coup D’états is what disgruntled Generals machinate (apart from the coy Ugandan ones off course).

And as for me, I have a particular interest in Coup D’états because; I belong to that generation which has no idea what it means for a country to face a Coup d’état. I am just closing in on my 25th year of existence. I only have fictional and hazy pictures of a coup. But honestly one of these days I want to wake up, turn on my radio set only to hear announcements of some bunch of Nincompoops having taken over the echelons of power. I want to wake up one day and the streets are painted with new faces of a mutiny freshly manufactured from a Brewing Night.

I want to hear the apprehension of the uncertainty that comes with such a sudden change flowing in my skinny veins. I want to have a story to tell my grand children, of how we suffered in chains, gave up hope, only to be thrown into the jaws of apathy. I want to hope again. It does not matter whether the next guy will also come with the same empty promises that this guy came with. All that I want are different lips telling me the same lies. The lies won’t be different but it matters to me that the liars are different. I am tired of being fooled by the same person. I just want change. That is all. Don’t bore me with your talk of it will all be the same after all. I know that nothing will change except the cocoon of eaters but even that little change now matters to me. I badly need a change.

I want to be told that someone else is in charge of my affairs in this nation. That is the only way; those bored Generals can be relevant to my aspirations. Anything else, I am sorry but I won’t buy into the time wasting drama. This loose talk of sijuyi someone grooming his son for presidency as though this is monarchy is good but not helpful if all that we can do is condemn the vice and hide in London. In the end what such talk translates into is the suffering of the innocent messengers like the Daily Monitor and the Red Pepper (bambi Red Pepper). We need to have people that will real walk the talk keeping in mind that as Ugandans we have already walked quite too much. Having walked with this other man for 27 years and still counting, whoever intends to walk us down a certain road should understand our fatigue. Probably the reason we could not push on with the famous walks to work. We gave up too soon. We were tired and we are still tired. Tuli bakoowu. Wamma Walukaga bagambeko.  

It may seem like I am losing track of the point but the point I am trying to make here is that twakoowa ba timid generals who can do nothing about the distortion of the vision they fought for in the bush. We want generals who can kukola wo akatiisa. Akatisa like overthrowing this government, not hide in London.

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  1. Thumbs up; hats off for Zac! I couldn't agree more with you!