Thursday, November 18, 2010

The string that knotted our hearts

If there is anything I have failed to define on this planet then it is the
word “love” despite that I go to a church that claims to be the place where
love is ministered unto the hearts of men.

One of the reasons why I have failed to define love is probably because I
have heard all sorts of things about love. A lot about love; both good and
bad to the extent that I have heard people that accuse love of being wicked.
However, I had the most interesting thing about love recently. My friend,
Donus told me that it is only in love where we do the silliest of things but
get excused just because we claim to do them in the name of love. Donus
claims that because we do them in the name of love we tend to simply refer
to these silly things as crazy things we do for love and honestly I agreed
with him because as far as I can remember all the crazy things I have done
for love are actually silly only that I had never thought about them in this
perspective before. And while I was still scratching my head to bring back
to memory all those crazy things that I had always done in the name of love
that is when I remembered one of the craziest things I have done for love in
my life. Probably I should say the silliest thing I have done in life and
decided to tell the world about it just that I may tell the world how
“crazy” we can be for love.

Back then in the days when my chana, Christine and I were in high school,
her parents were tight markers of her young soul. Fortunately, despite the
tight marking I had managed to maneuver a way of passing my message of love
to Christine and it had been gladly received on that end. Our love had thus
grown in leaps and bounds since that trademark achievement. Nonetheless as
young and energetic lovers then, we always thought we needed more private
time together since most of the time we had always met only coincidentally
when we had gone to fetch water at the well which we thought was too public
a place for us to share our secret love at such a place. Yet with the
behavior of Christine’s dad it was almost impossible to get this private
time. That is when I decided to hatch a plan of meeting this daughter of a
man more often. It is the craziest plan I have made in life and I made it
because I loved Christine. Luckily she accepted the plan.

The plan was such that we would meet late in the night when the whole world
had gone to sleep. She would have a long string tied on her hand, part of
which string she would let to hang outside the window of her bedroom such
that when I came, instead of knocking on her window which I thought would
easily attract the attention of the other sleeping fellas in the house,
instead I would gently pull the string tied to the hand to beckon her soul
from slumber. She would then wake up, open the window and have me share a
moment of conversation and love with her. The extremely soft and sweet
conversations between Christine and I would then stretch far into the night
with the two hearts knotted together: but knotted with a string of love.

By Tiberindwa Zakaria

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