Saturday, July 13, 2013

How I disorganized people's daughters in my final year on campus

I graduated from Uganda Christian University recently after getting an LLB (Hons) Degree but the most wonderful time for me on campus was that time when I was in my final year. And the reason is not hard to find.

You know, when you become a finalist, you become a defacto trusted consultant in the academic matters of your respective course.  I for one had all these young girls running after me to help them with their coursework and man I was more than glad to help out.
But the gist of the matter in this issue is not helping out but the fact that every time I would explain an academic concept to a daughter of Eve, I usually appeared to be an intelligent law student. Truth be told, I was not necessarily a brilliant law student but as a finalist I had amassed vast knowledge and understanding of the law that whenever I explained anything to a first year; I came off as a relatively intelligent guy. Now just in case you never knew, girls love intelligent guys and that is how I scored more points with these girls than some of the dudes in the lower classes who were also in the chase for the same girls.

The other reason is about trust. I do not how God created these girls but they tend to trust older boys than they do young boys. When they have issues they usually do not hesitate to run to the bigger boys to tell them about those issues. So, as a finalist I had all these girls telling me their issues while I just sat back and listened. Before I knew it many of them were drawing too close. In fact I just had to push some of them away. I could not allow them to cross the boundaries I have set for my personal safety. Again just in case you do not know, one of the central pillars of love is trust and girls tend to trust guys they can tell anything and guys who listen. Now that is the other issue. By the time I was in fourth year, I was experienced enough to know how much girls love to be listened to and through constant practice I had trained myself on the basics of effective listening.

At the end of it all, while I was hobnobbing with all sorts of beauties and I was not complaining I would hear some first year boys (Bambi male freshers) say all sorts of unkind things about campus girls. But it was because they had no clue about what these girls really wanted.

This is a slightly edited version of  an article that was first published in the Standard, a bi monthly community University Newspaper in Uganda Christian University, to which I regularly contribute articles

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