Monday, February 28, 2011

Tricks of winning Ugandan Voters

You might wonder what pulls the crowds when a politician is "making his points". I have had a lot of fun during the on going campaigns and elections in this country.

In Mbarara, while at a rally, one politician said,"I will build roads for you, I will plant new forests...." and it all seemed like it was not a joke until he broke my lungs with laughter when he deceptively added "I will build dams for you so that you can fish and make your own power." One of the people in the crowd asked,' "We do not have rivers, how will you build the dams?" The politician answered then answered "Even the rivers...i will provide, just give me your mandate.." The Ugandans clapped and eventually gave him votes.

Another scenario, still in western Uganda..some staunch NRM guys convinced people that if they voted for the bus, the bus would be used to ferry the then incumbent candidate in the presidential race, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni away...they did as told. Drama ensued when while tallying..Museveni was winning..they began to fight claiming that they had voted for the bus to ferry Museveni away which turned out not to be the case...

Another stunt that I liked was in Bugerere where there was a Campaign. A young lawyer who was contesting to represent his people in the august house as a Member of Parliament had his game well planned. While at the open air campaigns, the incumbent MP gave his speech and got seated. Now it was the young lawyer's turn...he bravely took stage and with him had a photograph of the incumbent MP dozing in parliament...this was his need someone sober for this county...someone who is alert...someone who doesn't of the people you have any evidence of anyone who dozed in parliament..the young lawyer could not hesitate but pull out the incumbent MP's photograph...the crowd went in a roar...this was not enough for the incumbent MP. He stood up in rage and went straight to this young contestant and punched him before the public....the public went into a maze and decided not to vote for a chaotic and dozing incumbent MP. The next day, every one lined up to vote for the young lawyer and he won with a landslide...hummm! what a move!

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Written By,
Michael Aboneka Jr.

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